Payment methods:

1.Payment can be made Cash at the time of delivery of the products to your address. The value of the products is that from the moment the order is placed on the site. Payment is made to the delivery agent.

2.Payment can be made online by credit/debit card or Payment Order (for legal and natural persons).

Payment by card is made upon completion of the order, by clicking the "pay now" button. Service provided by No additional fee is charged to the buyer! In case of unavailability of the paid product, you receive as soon as possible refund for the amount paid.

Payment by Payment Order is made only on the basis of the proforma invoice issued by the upon request, following the telephone confirmation of the order with a sales consultant. Delivery will be made at the time of confirmation of payment.

The minimum order is 50 lei!

About online payment system security

The solution is certified 3D Security by VISA and MasterCard. Payment authentication using verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs (Verified by Visa and "MasterCard Secure Code" programs), maintains the same level of security in the virtual environment of e-commerce as in the physical environment where there is a direct link between the merchant and the cardholder.

3D Security Protocol

VISA and MasterCard have developed in collaboration a system that involves the registration of each cardholder by assigning a code (or password) authorizing each online transaction. This code will be required of the online buyer by verified by VISA or MasterCard SafeCode systems when placing an order.


* Increased security for online transactions

* Ensuring that only the cardholder can trade online

* The 3D Security 3D card will be automatically recognized in all stores enrolled in the 3D Security system

* Reducing the risk of fraud for both merchants and cardholders

* Qualitative increase in the services offered

* Reduction of disputed transactions and related costs

Card data is entered in a secure environment. Communication between the merchant, payment gateway and the processing bank is encrypted, using its own encryption algorithms, without storing information related to the card number or card security elements.